Thank you, Paul and his friendly team, for their ongoing support during the hydrotherapy sessions. Each week, I look forward to doing my exercises in the pool to help me build up strength and mobility as well as relieve some of the inflammation in the joints. I would recommend Croydon Therapy Clinic to anyone searching for hydrotherapy in the area.

Dear Paul,

A huge thank you to you, Debbie and Rose for such a lovely evening yesterday. That party was definitely the best for years, and so much better than many others I’ve been to. You were all very generous with your contributions and time. Thank you.

Please can you also pass on thanks to Jan and Selina for all they did and brought too. (I don’t have their email addresses.)

And thank you also for running AquaFit. It really is appreciated by us ladies (and I’m sure the chaps too) not just for the physical benefit, but also the opportunity to meet others and talk to people who understand. Thank you.

I hope you have a lovely Christmas. See you in 2020!

Bridget W

Hi, I’m Rose your Aquarobics instructor at Croydon Therapy Clinic.
The group sessions are very enjoyable and effective for toning and strengthening muscles which ultimately help to support joints.

It gives you a good cardiovascular workout, gently increasing your pulse and breathing rate, so it’s great for helping to improve your heart health.

It improves flexibility, while the support of the water greatly reduces the risk of muscle and joint injuries.

It’s a great stress reliever, giving you a feeling of weightlessness and an enormous sense of well-being.

Claim your first session free and make it your resolution to improve your health.

Look forward to seeing you there
Best Regards Rose

I want to keep coming to hydro at the hospital because a/it benefits me, b/it is enjoyable, and c/it feels like a safe environment.

Adella P

My mother who is turning 85 in May has had major surgery on numerous occasions here. Her first major spinal operation was carried out in 2009.  she had to learn to walk again after this surgery. As advice from the surgeon “Mr Kotrba” we were sent to “St Thomas Hospital” at that time for hydrotherapy sessions to learn to walk again. Thank God she started walking, but as she suffers from Osteoporosis, she, unfortunately, has had several operations on her collapsing discs. As recommended from the surgeon and elderly care department my mother needs to attend hydrotherapy regularly. I definitely notice her balance is so much better when she attends the hydrotherapy pool.

Angelina K

Doing an aqua session just once a week has built up my muscles to help me cope with my diagnosed osteoarthritis. Since starting the sessions, a year ago now I have significantly less pain and am able to sleep much better. My mobility, in particular, has improved beyond what I could ever have hoped for, as has my flexibility.

Audrey T

Since coming to the classes, it has helped me enormously, I have been unable to have a bath for many years, as I cannot get in and out, so enjoying the warm water is such a good experience for me. Being able to move more freely and exercise in the water is important for my muscles as they are pretty wasted at the moment. I suffer with arthritis and have a fixed left leg after multiple surgeries, I am in constant pain and take a lot of medication including morphine,

(which I hope to stop one day). I would have to rely on even more painkillers and anti-inflammatory medication if I no longer came to the aqua-fit class.

Carolyn H

My mum will not go to the local pool as it is not suitable for her condition. This is her only adventure in a week. Otherwise she does not venture out of the house.

The sessions have been extremely helpful to her and have served to reduce the pain with her Arthritis and Sciatica.

Hanif S

I have attended Aquafit for some years as I have chronic back pain and some mobility problems. From the start, I noticed considerable benefits from attending the clinic, and have really appreciated that this was available to use. When I have been unable to attend for any reason, I have noticed the difference in my ease of movement, until I could return again.

Jeanette H

Aqua-fit helps with my mobility and mental well-being.

Jennifer T

Great service. Staff were very friendly and professional
Highly recommended

Brenda S

Aquafit classes in public swimming pools that are not heated to therapy temperatures are not suitable.

Having attended the Aquafit sessions for several years and found the exercise to be very beneficial in easing my stiffness and pain.

Barbara S