Supervised Hydrotherapy Sessions for Bariatric Clients

Venue:  The Bramley Centre, 27 Bramley Hill, South Croydon CR2 6LX

Wednesday evenings between 6:00 & 8:00 pm

£9.00 per 30 minute slot £15 per hour, payable monthly


Suitable Clients

Clients of any gender may apply

Clients that would like to explore the benefits of hydrotherapy.

Clients that are able to enter and exit the pool themselves safely.

120kg and over, BMI 40+

The Benefits of Hydrotherapy

Relief from pain and swelling

Relief from muscle stiffness

Improved, Cardiovascular fitness

An alternative to land exercises

The pool and facilities

The Centre has a fully accessible hydrotherapy pool which is equipped with overhead tracking hoists and situated in a Scandinavian log cabin with an ambient temperature of 32 degrees.

The pool provides an excellent base for exercise, providing a relaxing and fun environment for movement. The water’s warm temperature decreases muscle spasm, relieves pain and can increase range of movement. Each member undertakes a hydrotherapy assessment to determine the level of support they need and to establish an appropriate exercise program.

Pool Dimensions: The pool measures 6m by 4m, with a water line depth of 1.25m. Volume: 30m³

Pool Temperature: The pool water is maintained at approximately 32ºC, with the air temperature kept at least 1º higher at 33-34ºC.

Access to the pool is by 6 steps. Access can also be made by using the ceiling track hoist.

A maximum of 6 people exercise in the pool during each 30 minute session.

There are 5 changing cubicles, 3 are wheelchair accessible changing areas, there is also a shower cubicle and toilet.